VeloNews: Stages Launches Gravel GRX Power Meters

by Jeff Whitfield on | 2 Comments

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Stages GRX Power Meter
Stages GRX Power Meter

Have to admit, I'm kind of excited about this. I've been wondering for a while if anyone would ever put out a crank-based power meter for the GRX crankset. Seems Stages decided to take the plunge. 

Plus, at $299, it's one of the most reasonably priced power meters out there. Granted, it's a left-only option but still a solid option for the average bike rider like me. 

Question is though: When will there be an option for both sides? 

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Damn, in europe 400eur. 299usd is great price, almost matching XCADEY ( Stages support is more than awesome. I once bought on sales a XTR m985 gen2 for about 130eur (on USA), I bring to europe it ate batteries...I just send to germany and they sent me a gen 3 xtr m9020. This in less than one week. For sure in the future I will buy from them.


So far I've been very pleased with the Stages Gen 3 power meter I just got. Will post a review sometime soon! ;)