DC Rainmaker: Wahoo/ANGi Helmet Sensor Integration

by Jeff Whitfield on | 0 Comments

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Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor
Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor

Last year, when I purchased my Specialized Echelon II helmet, I noticed that there was a feature to add an ANGi helmet sensor, which adds crash detection to the helmet. At the time, I considered it since it would be nice to have a little reassurance in the event of a crash. 

However, I passed on it because, after really looking at how it works, I wasn't convinced that it would work consistently. The problem is that you have to use the Specialized app on your phone and it has to be running in the background while using it. Specialized doesn't strike me as a great tech company and I wasn't so sure about the reliability of their app. Spending $50 on a sensor that might not work  doesn't sound like a great idea to me.

So when I heard that Wahoo added integration for the ANGi sensor, I definitely was interested to learn more. However, after reading the DC Rainmaker hands-on, it sounds like there's still a co-dependency with the Specialized app. Bummer. 

Funny thing is that I learned I have some sort of crash detection anyways. I have an Apple iPhone 11 and an Apple Watch 3. I was on a ride and, while stopped at a light, did the stupid thing of bouncing my front tire on the ground a few times. Somehow that triggered the SOS on my phone. Don't know if it was the phone, the watch, or my ELEMNT Roam that triggered it. Weird! So...do I still need an ANGi sensor? Dunno. :P

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