Salsa Cowchipper: Now Available In Freakin’ Wide

by Jeff Whitfield on | 0 Comments

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Extra Wide Cowchipper Bars
Extra Wide Cowchipper Bars

Recently, I updated my favorite handlebar, the Salsa Cowchipper, with a bit wider version. I started off with a 44cm but felt that it was a little too narrow with the hoods angled in. So I updated it with a 46cm, the widest available at the time.

Lo and behold, just weeks later, Salsa announces even wider versions now available. They added three new sizes: 48cm, 50cm, and 52cm. Now, that's not exactly the widest handlebars available...there are wider gravel handlebars out there.

I'll stick with the 46cm one for now. Still, it's nice to see that Salsa is reacting to the demand for wider handlebars  for gravel. Makes total sense to go a little wider with the Cowchipper. Might consider one down the road. :P

Checkout Salsa's handlebar line

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