VeloNews: Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar Review

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Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar
Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar

Last week, Evil Bikes announced what I think is probably the most unique take on a gravel bike yet. Enter the Chamois Hagar!

What's interesting about this bike is that it takes the opposite approach to a gravel bike. Instead of starting with a road bike frame and turning it into an off-road bike, the Chamois Hagar starts with a frame that leans more towards a mountain bike. 

The geometry is quite interesting. The head tube angle is certainly more slack that what you normally see in a gravel bike. The bottom bracket appears to sit lower too.

Overall, a very interesting bike but expensive too. Wholly schnikes, is it pricey! I'm sure it's great for the serious gravel racer. For the average gravel rider like me though it's likely overkill. 

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