VeloNut Journal #3: ERUPTION!

by Jeff Whitfield on | Comments

Vlog Journal

Another quick update to the Marin Nicasio with new ESI Grips RCT bar tape, plus adding back the Topeak Super Tourist DX rear rack. 

Also, the debut of the Surly Midnight Special build appropriately titled ERUPTION! Jeff provides a full breakdown of the bike. 

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Hello Jeff,

Congratulations on your new bicycle, looks cool machine!

For bar tape i can highly recommend Ginelli’s Gel Cork tape, I have used it in my Nicasio for a little while and it’s really comfy and easy to install. Reviews also mention it should last quite long time.

This blog has offered lot of inspiration for my Nicasio upgrades. During autumn I did GRX 1x11 conversation with Goatlink so I can now use wide range cassettes. Also found dirt cheap (surplus parts from the factory, I guess) 105 hydraulic levers and Ultegras post mount calipers. Last time I bought Ritchey Beacon handlebar which has proved to be great upgrade.


Hey Juka! Thanks for the wonderful comment! :D

You know, I've never tried cork bar tape. I've thought about it but based on what I've read about it, it just doesn't sound like the type of material for me.

Been using silicone-based tape from Wolf Tooth and ESI (most recently) and really like it. Goes on nice and snug and is significantly thicker than most other tapes, which I like. Super comfy! :D

Glad to hear you're doing well with your Nicasio. I still love mine and will be riding it pretty often for shorter road rides. I just added some fenders to the Surly and now I'm almost considering some for the Nicasio. Not sure yet though.