Release: SILCA Titanium Straw Set

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SILCA Titanium Straw Set
SILCA Titanium Straw Set
SILCA Titanium Straw Set
SILCA Titanium Straw Set

When I read about this on BikeRumor, I immediately thought, "Why the hell would anyone need this?" It seems like a ridiculous notion, right? The words titanium and straws don't even go together man! we are!

But the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

My mom drinks out of the same hard plastic container with a hard plastic straw all the time. Every time she comes over she has it with her. When I take a good look at it, it kind of grosses me out. Looking at the inside of the straw, I see stains and stuff all gunked up in it. If it ain't a health hazard it surely will be soon! 

My mom is a good candidate for a titanium straw. For someone who drinks out of the same cup all the time you have to keep both the cup and the straw clean at all times. Otherwise, you run the risk of algae and God know what else building up in the cup and straw. I tell my mom all the time she needs to ditch it and replace but...sigh...deaf ears it seems. 

Even the best travel cups and straws will eventually show signs of contamination no matter how clean you keep it. You can scrub, scrub, scrub all the time but eventually both the cup and the straw will eventually wear down and start to build up a bunch of crap. That's the problem with the current batch of common travel cups and straws. Even stainless steel ones have this problem.

But if the straw is titanium then you can scrub it down over and over and over again and it won't ever corrode or wear out. That's the benefit of the SILCA titanium straw for sure. Great stocking stuffer if you ask me!

Come to think of it...why didn't the make a titanium cup to go with it? I mean, really...titanium straw with a titanium cup? That's a travel cup on steroids! :P

Visit SILCA to read more about the Titanium Straw Set

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