Red Bull: 5 Reasons to Support Your Local Bike Shops

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Bicycle shop
Bicycle shop

I don't know what I would do without my local bike shop. Seriously. Without them I would be faced with having to figure out every single thing myself. No bike mechanics to consult with. No sales staff to get opinions from, bounce ideas off of, or get feedback from. None of that would exist without them.

Sure, you can talk shop with the folks you ride with. However, how many of the people you ride with can actually say they are capable of fixing and fully maintaining their bike? Can any of them honestly say that the decisions made about their bike are solely their own? Can they say that none of those decisions were made without consulation with a good bike shop?

That's the thing about a good bike shop. When you really need it, it's there. When it's not, you will eventually feel it.

So here's a call out to Richardson Bike Mart. Keep up the great work! Love ya!  :D

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