BikeRadar: Don’t Let Bicycles Rule Your Life

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Man with a bicycle on a cliff
Man with a bicycle on a cliff

This little article on BikeRadar struck a nerve. I've been thinking about this a lot recently: Am I obsessed with my bicycle? 

I was never content with what I had and fretted constantly about expensive ways to upgrade my gear.

Indeed, I've been wondering the same thing myself. I've done a ton of upgrades to my bike constantly looking to improve the experience I have with my rides. So the inevitable question becomes: When is enough enough?

The bikes I enjoy the most are not necessarily the most technologically advanced and expensive, but rather those that I’ve spent enough time riding to have formed a bond with them, customising them to my needs and (go on, cringe) making memories on them. 

Indeed, my own bike isn't some technological marvel. It's not a carbon-based, light-as-shit machine built for speed. It's a 30lb bike made of steel made to just ride wherever the hell I want. I rebuilt it from the ground up by hand and, as such, have formed a bond with it. It was built for making memories indeed.

Life is not one-dimensional. Bicycles are truly splendid, but there’s a whole world of other things out there to experience. 

And the writer brings it home on what's truly important. I've likely been obsessing a bit too much with my own bike to the point where I've likely missed opportunities for other experiences. Mainly, the ones with my family. As important as my relationship is with my bike, it's not a living person. It's just a vehicle towards one type of experience. But the experiences I have with my family are multi-dimensional. They're the experiences that feel closer than any bicycle can provide.

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