Bicycling: Local Shops Need To Lose The Attitude

by Jeff Whitfield on | 4 Comments

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Bikes inside store
Bikes inside store

The idea of a bike shop having an attitude isn't new. To me, this parallels the same stereotype that surrounds comic book shop owners. The condescending attitude is basically this: "If you're not one of us then what the hell are you doing here?" It's a ridiculous attitude that immediately pushes new customers out the door. 

Just like the comic book industry, the bicycling industry is full of newbies, people who are relatively new to the industry and need help navigating the landscape. The absolute worst thing you can do is alienate anyone new and make them feel inferior to those who are already in the know

I'm very fortunate in that I have never received service from anyone at a bicycle shop that I would think of as being condescending. The shop I first started going to had wonderful people running it. In fact, an experience that this shop is what led to the name of my blog. If the bike shop hadn't shut down I likely would still be going there.

My current shop is even better than the previous one. Every employee there is always happy to help you. And there isn't a hint of attitude in anyone there. Everyone is welcoming and eager to help you in every way. Which is exactly how it should be.

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A local bike shop / pastry / coffee shop has great pastries & coffee and service with a smile. Talk to the owner / mechanic and it is a total turnoff. The attitude thing, although I am a long time rider. I would like to do business with him but to be honest he is a prick; chock full of an attitude that would keep me from ever doing business there. Sad. He sells Enve wheels and I would like to test ride a set of SES AR 4.5 wheels but I will not do it there.


Yeah, a good LBS is hard to find these days. Thare are some good ones out there though. I know of two here in the Dallas metroplex.


So, I’ve been on the end of a condescending shop. I’m a Clyde, I put about 1500 miles in a year between my 2 bike. I went into the LBS that is near my work looking for a new saddle. I told the guy what I was looking for and he doesn’t listen, and points me to the oversized double gel padded POS he says people like me look for. Never have gone back, to that shop. It’s worth the drive to the shop where I bought both my road and fattie.


Yikes! That sounds like an awful experience! Hate it when people are judgmental and treat others like stereotypes. Pisses me off. Thanks for sharing! :D