Bicycling: It’s on You to Stop Getting Hit by Drivers

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Cyclist riding through an intersection
Cyclist riding through an intersection

I’m not even sure where to start with this idea that calls upon cyclists to be more conspicuous. I’m certainly not arguing against riding with lights after dark, nor am I questioning people’s interest in gear like high vis apparel and daytime running lights. But this idea that folks riding bikes need to wear specialized clothing so motorists don’t hit them, especially when so many other dangerous driver behaviors and issues are being overlooked, is an insult to the perils American cyclists face every day. Like if you think I need to wear fluoro kit or a blinking vest because it’s just too challenging to see me on the road, maybe you should stow your iPhone or slow down or altogether reconsider driving a motor vehicle.

I ride a bike a shit ton of bright orange and I ride with a bright blinking taillight. much more conspicuous does the NTSB expect? I'm with Bicycling on this one. 

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