The Birth of VeloNut and Big Changes with Strava

by Jeff Whitfield on | Comments

Commentary Journal Vlog

In this episode, I talk about how VeloNut was born and how it got its name. Later, I talk about the latest shake up with Strava and how I feel about it.

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Hi jeff! do you follow terry barentsen? He's a cinematographer who makes cycling related videos and has a few videos explaining some of his setups. Namely, I was thinking this POV setup with a gopro on a chest mount would look cool for some UX rants on the road.


I don't...but I do now! Thanks for sharing! Always like to see what others are doing. The GoPro is so new to me so it's definitely an evolving thing. Learn something new just about every day with it.

Will definitely watch this video. Funny thing right off the bat is that black out towards the beginning. Umm...gee, he couldn't edit the damn footage? LOL!

Heh..."UX rants on the road". That's funny right there! :P