The Verge: Music Publishers Sue Peloton

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Guy on a Peloton
Guy on a Peloton

Reading this doesn’t make me want to buy a Peloton. While I’m not a fan of the musicians in this lawsuit, I’m not a fan of big companies outright stealing music either. 

Not that I would want to buy a Peloton anyways. I’ve had people recommend the Peloton to me, including one of my doctors. The problem is that many of the people who buy a Peloton don’t seem to be the type who like to ride a bike outdoors anyways. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. If a Peloton gives you the exercise you need and you enjoy then great.

But people like me who wish to use an indoor bike want to have something that allows them to reach certain cycling goals. I don’t think a Peloton is a good fit for that. I have yet to hear how well a Peloton can integrate with other services like TrainerRoad, Zwift, and the like. Nor have I heard that Peloton offers any sort of interval training that works well for a cyclist’s goals.

Anyways...back to the story about the lawsuit.

So, yeah, with all that on my mind, hearing that Peloton potentially stole a lot of music for their programs isn’t good for their image. This could very well end up being a bit of a PR nightmare for them. Just not cool. Especially when you consider that Peloton is a multi-million dollar company with tons of capital being thrown into other ventures. Best thing for them at this point is to settle this and settle it quickly. 

As it stands though, with this lawsuit, I can’t see recommending Peloton to anyone anytime soon. Just not worth investing in a company that behaves like this.

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