VeloNews: Andrew Bernstein On Surviving a Hit-and-Run

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Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein

In an interview with the VeloNews Podcast, Andrew Bernstein talks about his experience in being involved in a hit-and-run incident. Listening to this harrowing tale gives me pause on the dangers of cycling on city streets.

Many years ago, when I was just a teenager, I was hit by a car on my bike. It wasn’t a hit-and-run and, unlike what happened to Andrew, it was very much my fault. Fortunately, I didn’t get very hurt; just a bad sore on the side of my leg that hit the bumper of the car. I was lucky. I can’t even fathom what it was like for Andrew.

Many folks within the cycling community are starting to rethink their desire to ride on open streets by themselves. Riding in packs is still the safest way to do road riding for sure. The sheer uptick in incidents involving cars hitting cyclists though have caused many cyclists, including myself, to do more alternative rides that are off the streets. For me, that’s gravel riding. Apparently, I’m not alone.         

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