Release: Dynaplug Carbon Racer TLT Repair Kit

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Road bike with Dynaplug Carbon Racer on frame
Road bike with Dynaplug Carbon Racer on frame
Dynaplug Carbon Racer
Dynaplug Carbon Racer

If you read my recent post on what's in my saddle bag, you'll know that I recently added a Dynaplug Pill to replace the craptastic tire repair kit I had in it that failed me. So when I heard that Dynaplug released a new tire repair kit made out of carbon fiber, I was curious. After all, how much space and weight does it really save? And do you have to pay an arm and a leg to get it? 

Looking at the Dynaplug Carbon Racer, it almost looks like a mini pump. I suppose that's kind of the point. Most tubeless tire repair kits look like something that belongs in a fishing tackle box or a pill bottle (which explains the name of the Dynaplug Pill). While it does come with a cage mount, at 3.75" long it's small enough to fit in a saddle bag. I do prefer the smaller size of the Pill but, if I had to buy another one, I'd seriously contemplate on this one.

At $47.99, it's still not exactly the cheapest repair kit out there. What surprised me though is that it's actually cheaper than the Pill ($59.99). So, yeah, seems like a rather easy sell, right? There are a few things to consider.

Road bike with Dynaplug Carbon Racer on frame
Road bike with Dynaplug Carbon Racer

This is very much a repair kit aimed at those looking to shave weight off their bikes, which I get. Find a handful of things you can shave a good ounce or two off and you might be able to lose a good pound off the total weight of your bike. Road riders seem to be the focus with this one but, if you're doing gravel and have larger volume tires you might want to consider getting a Micro Pro, Pill, or even a Megapill. There's good reasons for that too.

The Carbon Racer can only hold two plugs at a time and doesn't come with an air stopper or micro knife like the pill. This puts it at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the Pill. The air stopper gives you more time to plug a tire while you prep things for a plug. With the Carbon Racer, you don't have time for that. You kinda have to leave it on your frame for quick access so you can plug a tire at a moment's notice which, for someone racing, that might not actually be a bad thing. 

When deciding on a repair kit, just keep in mind the kind of riding you're doing. If you're racing or doing high speed rides, consider something like the Carbon Racer and keep it on the frame and out of your saddle bag. If you have large volume tires and not looking to shed weight off your bike, I'd pass on the Carbon Racer and still with a Pill. Still, it's nice to see Dynaplug thinking about all kinds of riders.

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