CyclingTips Coefficient Wave Handlebar Review

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CyclingTips Coeffient Wave Handlebar Setup
CyclingTips Coeffient Wave Handlebar Setup

Just days before the release of the VeloNut review of the Wave handlebar, CyclingTips posts their own review of the Wave. Some of their points are similar to my own but from the perspective of a more serious cyclist.

What really caught my eye was the link to the writer’s Instagram referencing the Wave. Some comments seemed quite positive but some were also dismissive. That’s to be expected with a handlebar like the Wave. It’s different for sure. 

But it was this comment that seemed to stick out for me:

The dogmatic old school perspective is what keeps this sport from progressing in so many dimensions. Cycling is entrenched in "that's the way it has aways been done so it must be the best and only way"...bicycles are and always should be ruled by utility. They are in their essence, simple mechanical devices. Aesthetes are trapped by their own artificial, meaningless barriers. Handlebar design (and many other aspects of bicycles) has not evolved for 100's of years. That doesn't make it right, it makes engineers unimaginative.

This comment comes from Colby Pearce, a professional cyclist with years of experience including a stint on the U.S. Olympic Team. Seems to me riders like Colby are open-minded to the idea of new, highly innovative handlebar designs. And, like me, see little progress being made in this area of bicycle design. 

Here’s hoping that Coefficient Cycling and other companies continue to step up to the plate and hit more homeruns!  :)

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