Chainlift: Solution To A Problem That Doesn't Exist?

by Jeff Whitfield on | Comments


Chainlift Bike Tool
Chainlift Bike Tool

Noticed this in an advertisement on Facebook. I don't know about you but this looks like a case of over-engineering to me. Just seems overly complicated for what should really be a simple solution. Why would I spend $80 on this when I can spend just $15 on a Pedro's Chain Keeper

Granted, there appears to be a few cases where a tool like this might be useful. On their own website, Chainlift talks about using it for disc brake/caliper alignment. If the chain isn't engaged then aligning the back brakes is definitely easier. But, even then...does spending $80 justify this? Personally, I don't think so. (At least until someone changes my mind! Thanks Fernando!)

The main complaint I can see with this is using it while cleaning. It does not appear that you can turn the cranks while it's engaged. That really sucks. With the Pedro's Chain Keeper, I can turn the cranks while cleaning which allows me to clean my chainrings and derailleurs more effectively. Not being able to do that with the Chainlift is a big showstopper for me.

Update 1/15/20: 

Ok, I stand corrected. Fernando Tages, the founder and designer of Chainlift, posted a comment and, yes, you can turn the crank while engaged. That's super good to know. Thanks Fernando for the info!  :D

That said, does that change my opinion of Chainlift? A little, yes. 

I think Chainlift is probably a good product for someone within a certain niche. For someone that spends a lot of time removing their back wheel, doing maintenance, cleaning, indoor training, and transporting their bike, maybe the Chainlift is a good fit. 

Crap...that last sentence is me in a nutshell. I do all of that. Sigh...maybe I just need to buy a Chainlift and find out. After all, I can't make a judgement on something till I've experienced it first hand. 

Now, where the hell is my checkbook? :P

Check it out on the Chainlift website

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Hi Jeff, I am the founder and designer of Chainlift. I want to correct your statement. With Chainlift you CAN spin the crank and clean the chain (you can see a glimpse of this in the Ad video We launched Chainlift 2 months ago on Thanksgiving Day after 2 years of development and was awarded a US patent. You can read reviews by verified buyers that have used it here You can also learn more on our YouTube channel If you perform routine maintenance, cleaning, or use a smart trainer, I guarantee Chainlift will become your most used bike tool.

Sincerely, Fernando Tages


Thanks Fernando! Updated the post to reflect a more fair assessment. I’ll likely pick one up to try. Good opportunity to review something for the blog. ;)