VeloNut Podcast #2: The Fundamentals of Strength Training

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Jeff and James dive into strength training, what it is (and isn’t), the basic fundamentals, as well as home gyms vs a gym membership, and more.

In episode 2 of the VeloNut Podcast, we bring back James Wilson of Pedaling Innovations to talk about strength training. James has a background as a strength trainer with a focus on MTB riders. Our discussion revolved around a good number of things around the fundamentals of strength training.

James helped answer the question “What is strength training?”. We also talk about some of the different areas of focus that go into a strength training program, how you might approach planning a strength training program, and a few tips on exercises that might help.

We also discuss the differences and benefits between a home gym and a gym membership. With many gyms closing down due to COVID-19, this part of the discussion should really help those looking for alternatives. Long story short, self training can only get you so far. There are benefits to a gym with a strong sense of community and support.

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