New Site Design and the Evolution of VeloNut!

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VeloNut Banner
VeloNut Banner

If you've visited the site before, you'll notice a big change in the site design. Lots of improvements to the design with more on the way. 

Overall readability and navigation has been greatly improved. I've also added a sidebar area with categories and social links to start. I also wanted to let people know right away what VeloNut is so I added a big red banner just under the logo and main navigation. This will also serve as a banner area later on. 

One thing you might notice is the addition of a Blog link. The reason for that is to open things up and allow for different kinds of content. For the site to evolve, it really needs to go beyond just blog content. So, in the near future, you'll start seeing more than just blog posts.

I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag. I'm planning on doing a number of new things. First, I'm planning on starting a VeloNut Podcast. Already have some things planned with one guest on board. Second, I'll be producing some short videos with bike maintenance tips and tutorials on various things that I think might be helpful to others.

So, yeah, lots happening this year with VeloNut! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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